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BOINC is an open-source volunteer oriented distributed computing grid. It’s free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer/AIDS/Ebola, map the Milky Way galaxy, fold proteins, search for extraterrestrial life, and others.

King’s Quest

As I kid, I can remember playing King’s Quest a bunch at my dad’s house. Well, some smart people have decided to redo King’s Quest I, King’s Quest II, and King’s Quest III and release them to the public for free! Check out the links below to get all three!

King’s Quest I King’s Quest […]

Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer – A Night At The Roxbury

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in a video reenacting A Night at the Roxbury! […]

Because Math Class Isn’t Fun Enough

Funny video of a math teacher! […]