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BOINC is an open-source volunteer oriented distributed computing grid. It’s free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer/AIDS/Ebola, map the Milky Way galaxy, fold proteins, search for extraterrestrial life, and others.

Ubuntu 12.10 Using Grub4DOS

In case anybody is having issues setting up Ubuntu 12.10 in Grub4DOS, I’ve finally got the configuration down. I keep all my .iso files in a /multiboot/ subdirectory, so change your path as needed for your thumb drive. Use the following:

title Ubuntu 12.10 (x64) find –set-root /multiboot/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso map –heads=0 –sectors-per-track=0 /multiboot/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso (0xff) || map […]