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Aperture – It Pwns You! (Part 2)

Taken March 2007 with a normal point and shoot!

Now, the secret to getting great pictures, as I was saying before, is aperture.  To get very great pictures, you want to control your DOF (Depth Of Field) for each situation as it arises.  To choose the correct DOF, the easiest thing is to just get out there and play around!  To get great landscape photos, you want to choose a smaller aperture, such as f/7 or f/9.  For more blurriness such as when you take portraits, shoot for a bigger aperture such as f/4.5 or f/2.8.  Now, the f-stop that you choose also needs to be determined by how much light is out.  In a darker setting, you want a larger f-stop or you’re going to get blurry images.  ISO and shutter speed can also change how these operate, so if you can spare it, you can get a decent landscape picture when it’s getting more dark out just by raising the ISO (pixelated) or by slowing the shutter down (tripod is a MUST normally).

If you own a DSLR (such as my Nikon D60), set your mode selector dial to A (aperture-priority mode) and adjust your aperture accordingly!  If you don’t have a DSLR, look through your menus.  Even most point and shoot cameras these days have the ability to set your aperture in the camera.  If you must set aperture and shutter at the same time, try setting your aperture to what you need, and setting your shutter to at least 1/60th of a second.  Faster if you can.  Adjust your settings accordingly.

What are some of the pictures you’ve taken while messing with aperture?  Get anything good?

Aperture – It Pwns You! (Part 1)


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