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Bloodline Champions

Note: This game is currently in beta.

So…  I got a beta key for a game in my e-mail today for a game I never even heard of.  The name of the game is Bloodline Champions, and it claims to be an arena-based PVP game.

Installing the game to make it playable did take some time.  The installer was about a 200MB download, and was pretty quick to download and install.  It did take a while to get the thing patched up to the current version, but that just means I have time to research what I’m getting myself into.  From what I’m reading, there is a pretty steep learning curve, but that’s what makes this fun!

Error while logging in...

Next, I attempted to log in and just throw myself into the mix.  I mean… why not!  It’s done downloading, and i’m a geeky-guy, so NO reason whatsoever to read the manual (if there was one) or anything, so I log in and BAM!…er… 🙁  This is what I get.

From what I read, there was a patch released today or something and is causing instability or something.  Guess I’ll just wait my turn!

Edit: Got In!

16 Classes to choose from!

…Finally, got in!  Having tested the tutorial, this game freaking rocks!  Lots of action, requiring you to think on your toes and very fast!  I’ve chosen to play the alchemist, since it’s a mixture of a healer and damage dealer.  That, and I’d rather stick to only one class at a time and try to figure out what’s going on first. This gameplay mechanics take a little getting used to, but after you learn that even using the spells in the right direction take skill, you start to realize where this game realy shines.  It’s not your typical “mash a button to do damage” game.  It actually requires you to be VERY conscious about where you and your teammates are.

Into the action!

I started working on my one-player with me and two bots vs. three bots to try and learn alchemist vs. all the other classes, and to also try and start learning the layouts of the maps.  All I can say is from the get-go, put the free camera on so you can see a lot more of the battlefield.  It takes more control, but from what I hear, it also will make you a MUCH more skilled player.

Learning the game and beating the bots!

After playing for a bit in single-player mode I have basically one thing to say about this game: Addicting!  Once it’s release, I can easily see myself playing this for hours on end for a bunch of laughs, and to get my kill on!  If you have a chance, I definitely recommend checking this game out.  Beta is still currently going on, but man, it’s fun!  Time to start the multi-player action!


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