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Gigabit Network Is Awesome

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Just wanted to let you all know of an update to the network here in the house.  Since we ran Cat-6 through the entire house, I thought it only right that I actually get some gigabit speeds going.  No use running 100 megabit if I could run faster for cheap.  The other issue was we ran five lines through the house, and the router only had four ports…not a good thing.

I did a lot of research, and every time, I saw the Netgear GS608 Gigabit Switch winning hands down.  We ended up buying the eight port model since the five port model would be enough…except it also needed a connection to the router, meaning I needed six ports.  Oh, well… the just means room for expandability!

After we got it all plugged in, I noticed that the only two ports that weren’t running a gigabit speeds were my router (duh) and my DVR (not really an issue…it’s only connected to get programming data for it.)  At least the important things still had gigabit speeds: My wife’s computer, my computer, the virtual machine server (ESXi Server), and the Blu-Ray player for when we stream Netflix to it.  The wireless is also runing at 54 megabit, but that’s okay since that’s what the specification calls for at the most.

Probably the BEST reason for having this speed is backup times!  When my backups run on my server to a Windows Home Server 2011 virtual machine, it used to take anywhere from a half to a full hour, depending on how much data needs to backup.  Now, it does it in about three to 10 minutes, depending on payload size.  w00t!


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