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House Ethernet Rewiring

CAT5e / RJ-45
Creative Commons License credit: Justin Marty
Well, this weekend was QUITE eventful. After last weeks Verizon FiOS ONT fun, I finally (after a year and a half) got our Cat6 rewiring done!  With the help of my wife’s parents, we were able to run two runs to the living room for the DVR and Blu-Ray player, two runs to the other side of the office for my computer and the server, and a tiny run to her computer!

The runs to the living room weren’t that hard.  Yes, there was a lot of work involved, but it was nothing compared to the run to the other side of the office!  We ended up having to get my wife’s 14-year-old cousin to go the last 20 feet through the office to be able to run the cabling!

Note: Since these pictures were taken, I’ve clean up the cabling some and used real labels.


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