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Photography Lifestyle

Guy from audience trying the D3s - Nikon School, MSFW 2010
Creative Commons License credit: avlxyz
I love photography.  There, I’ve said it.  I love the process of finding something to photograph, trying to get the proper placement of the subject, and even trying to figure out what lens and camera settings to use when I take the big picture.  It’s all fun.  To get all the pictures at my gallery, I use the following equipment.

My camera body is a Nikon D60.  Yes, it’s older, and has a smaller sensor, but really, it’s a GREAT starter body for anybody, and it’s not that expensive.  I have the included Nikkor 18-55mm lens which, although not the fastest nor the best long-distance lens, it is a decent starter lens.  I’ve bought the Nikon f/1.8G 35mm lens which is great for portraits, and is super fast.  For taking pictures inside, the SB-600 is fantastic.  It’s not super expensive, but it doesn’t come with some of the advanced flash features, like commander mode.  A tripod is necessary if you plan on taking pictures with a slow shutter, and a cheap remote will make it even better so you’re never even touching the tripod, risking bumping it ever-so-slightly.

I always shoot in RAW mode (with JPEG, just in case I need the image NOW), and edit all the pictures in Adobe Lightroom 3.  I can’t recommend this product enough!  I’ve been using Lightroom for over a year now, and it still amazes me how much I can tweak images to what I think they should look like!

So finally, I ask this:  What type of photography do you guys like?  What cameras/lenses do you use?  Processing work flow?  Let me know!


Mike is tech geek known for his creation of programs in bizarre but awesome fashion. He's an avid photographer, reader, cinephile, programmer, and into anything geeky; he'll be glad to talk about anything ranging from MMO's to PHP.

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