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Picross S Puzzle Answers 1-15

Picross S LogoThe amazing Picross series has a new game on the Nintendo Switch named Picross S.  What follows are the solutions to the puzzles numbered one to fifteen for the normal Picross puzzles in the game.

More Solutions:
1-15 16-30 31-45 46-60 61-75 76-90

P001 – Key
P001 Answer

P002 – Silk Hat

P002 Answer

P003 – Cupcake

P003 Answer

P004 – Electrical Outlet

P004 Answer

P005 – Hourglass

P005 Answer

P006 – Light Tower

P006 Answer

P007 – Shooting Star

P007 Answer

P008 – Submarine

P008 Answer

P009 – Teapot

P009 Answer

P010 – Iron

P010 Answer

P011 – Sunrise

P011 Answer

P012 – Tomato

P012 Answer

P013 – Spoon

P013 Answer

P014 – Butterfly

P014 Answer

P015 – Harp

P015 Answer


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