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Verizon FiOS ONT fun!

Internet [Explorer]
Creative Commons License credit: quinn.anya
Friday night, I had the distinct pleasure of having my Verizon FiOS router die.  And by die, I mean totally die.  It sucks!  Being a geek, the internet is honestly my livelihood! Well, the technician said it would be two to four business days until a router would get here…putting it around Wednesday.  Ugh, not good!  And I couldn’t just go buy a router since the data is coming over the Coax. cable, even though we only have internet through them, not television or anything.  So, I did what any self-respecting geek would do…I improvised!

I ended up calling them and having them turn on my ethernet port instead of my coax, and I just ran a normal Cat-6 cable I made to the router that my wife’s grandfather gave me (spare he had).  Since the IP’s are handed out via DHCP, just had to sit there for a few minutes (they had to clear the lease on their end, too, since the MAC address changed), and it’s good to go now!

The long telephone queue sucked, and getting hung up on sucked, but overall, the technicians were quite knowledgeable with what I was asking for, and I still love my FiOS service!


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